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SMT Steel Mesh Fabrication Process

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 10:32  Read: 4278

For SMT stencil processing companies, the SMT stencil process is also a crucial step. As an excellent engineer, of course, he must be familiar with its process methods to produce excellent and perfect works.

1. Reflow soldering: It mainly uses solder pastes of aluminum alloy and tin, and is heated and liquefied by non-contact heating methods such as hot air and infrared rays. The on-line production methods mainly include reflow soldering, reflow soldering solder, and double Surface reflow and other methods.

2.pcb board quality problem: In the specific batch number of each batch, sample is taken to test its solderability, compare with the product data provided by the manufacturer, and then solder paste is printed on the soldering pad, if used The organic flux then needs to be removed during cleaning.

3. Fine pitch technology: This is a relatively advanced concept of construction and manufacturing. The complexity and density of components are still relatively large compared with the mainstream products on the market. In order to enter the stage of mass production, it needs to be Correct some of the parameters and then put them into the production line.

4. Design smt steel mesh process: for the small distance between components needs to be continuously monitored, and also requires systematic monitoring, which is the surface of the adhesive assembly process. The manufacturing process, measurability, assembly, etc. are all considered in the mass production design. These are the starting points for the demand in the form of written documents. The complete and clear assembly documents are in the middle of the process from design to production. Series conversion is a necessary guarantee of success.

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