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Detailed explanation of steel mesh production process

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 14:28  Read: 4677

1, chemical etching (chemical etch)

Process flow: data file PCB→film production→exposure→development→etching→steel sheet cleaning→opening

Features: One-time molding, faster speed; cheaper.

Disadvantages: easy to form hourglass shape (not enough etching) or opening size (over-etching); objective factors (experience, pharmaceutical, film) have great influence, more production links, large cumulative error, not suitable for fine pitch steel mesh production method The production process is polluted and is not conducive to environmental protection.

2, laser cutting method (laser cutting)

Process flow: film making PCB → taking coordinates → data file → data processing → laser cutting → grinding → Zhang Net

Features: high precision of data production, small impact of objective factors; trapezoidal opening is conducive to demoulding; can be done with precision cutting; moderate price.

Disadvantages: Cutting one by one, the production speed is slower.

3. Electroforming method (electroform)

Process flow: coating the substrate on the photosensitive film → exposure → development → electroforming nickel → forming → steel sheet cleaning → Zhang Net

Features: The hole wall is smooth, especially suitable for the production of ultra-fine pitch steel mesh.

Disadvantages: The process is difficult to control, the production process is polluted, which is not conducive to environmental protection; the production cycle is long and the price is too high.

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