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Material and Application Place of SMT Wipe Paper

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 09:47  Read: 4418

SMT steel mesh wiping paper, also known as SMT automatic wiping paper, SMT roller wiping paper, SMT dust-free roll paper, SMT wiping paper and so on.


Using natural wood pulp and polyester fiber as raw materials, it is processed by a unique spunlace method to form a unique wood pulp/polyester double layer structure.


*Strong and durable, with high water absorption and oil absorption, soft, no dust, anti-static performance.

* The material is soft, does not cause any scratches on the surface of the cleaning object, and does not damage the surface of the object.

* Can be used with cleaning solution.

*Excellent liquid absorption capacity, more than four times faster than ordinary cotton rags.

* Efficiently remove water stains and degreasing ability without using any chemical binder.

*Because it is produced in the clean room, it avoids the inclusion of impurities in the wiping paper, which can reduce the printing process.

* Printing defects occur due to stencil wiping entrainment of impurities.

* Can be combined with anti-static packaging to meet the strict anti-static requirements for electronic products.


Both plain paper and mesh paper.


Single weight 56, 68 g/m2

Thickness 0.3-0.35 mm

Width 23-200cm

Lining tube

Paper tube and plastic tube.

The tubes used in different printing models are slotted or unslotted at both ends.


It is used for the cleaning of high-standard surfaces. It is a special wiping paper for SMT printing on the circuit board of the electronics industry. It can effectively remove the excess solder paste and red glue attached to the steel mesh of the printing press and the circuit board, keeping the electronic circuit board spotless. Greatly reduce the scrap rate and greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.

It can be used in all automatic printing models such as MPM, DEK, KME, YAMAHA, MINAMI, JUKI, EKRA, PANASERT, FUJI, SANYO.


The width and length of the dust-free paper and the diameter and length of the inner liner are determined by the actual printed product size and printing type.

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