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Analysis of Process Characteristics of Making Smt Steel Net

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2018-11-12 17:20  Read: 4593

1. Etching smt steel mesh process: Due to the corrosion of chemical syrup, the etched section is not smooth and the precision is low. The opening cross section forms two bowls of large, medium and small, which is very unfavorable for the release of solder paste.

2, laser smt steel mesh system: As we all know, because the light is in a straight line, the wall of the hole is carved, it is more vertical, but it is formed into a needle-punched hole. Therefore, the hole wall is naturally rough, and the solder paste release performance is better than the etching, but it still cannot achieve the best effect. Therefore, the wall of the eight-word hole proposed by the laser network is actually impossible to achieve.

Smt steel mesh

3. Electrolytic smt steel mesh process: pre-sequence opening forming and post-sequential wall forming. Processing: The selected high-quality steel is processed by several special processes to make the original vertical hole wall become the upper and lower width hole wall that we want to achieve. The process is difficult, but due to its unique hole wall shape We have a new look at demolding and anti-tin beads, achieving a true clearing effect. Reduce the waste of manpower, material resources (solder paste, red glue, washing water), time, etc. Second, because the solder paste leaked is narrower and wider, it is less prone to tin beads. Thereby greatly improving the product qualification rate and reducing the product repair rate.

In addition, the steel mesh dispensing uses compressed air to pass the red rubber through the special dispensing head to the substrate. The size, number of the glue points, time, pressure tube diameter and other parameters are controlled. The dispenser has flexible functions. . For different parts, we can use different dispensing heads, set parameters to change, and also change the shape and number of glue points to achieve the effect, the advantages are convenient, flexible and stable. The disadvantage is that it is easy to have drawing and air bubbles. We can minimize these shortcomings by adjusting the operating parameters, speed, time, pressure, and temperature.

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