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Dismantling and Welding Problems in SMT Patch Processing

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 09:50  Read: 403

What is the desoldering in SMT chip processing? Let's take a look today.

A similar method is used for patch components with a large number of stitches and a wide pitch. First, tin is plated on the pad, then one leg is soldered to the left side with a tweezers holding component, and the other leg is soldered with a tin wire. It is usually better to remove these parts with a heat gun. On the one hand, a hand-held heat gun melts the solder, and on the other hand, when the solder melts, a jig or the like is used to remove the component.

For parts with high pin density, the welding process is similar, that is, one foot is welded first, and then the remaining feet are soldered with tin. The number of feet is large and dense, and the alignment of the nails and pads is key. Typically, the pads on the corners are plated with very little tin and the parts are aligned with the pads with tweezers or hands. The edges of the pins are aligned. These components are pressed slightly on the printed circuit board and the corresponding pins on the pads are soldered with a soldering iron.

Patch processing red glue is a chemical compound, the main component of which is polymer material. Patch processing fillers, curing agents, other additives, etc. The chip processing red glue has viscosity fluidity, temperature characteristics, wetting characteristics and the like. According to this characteristic of the processing of red glue, in the production, the purpose of using red plastic is to make the parts firmly adhere to the surface of the PCB to prevent it from falling.

For SMD components with a small number of pins, such as resistors, capacitors, bipolar and triodes, first tin-plated on one of the pads on the PCB, then use the tweezers to clamp the component to the mounting position and fix it to the circuit. On the board, the right hand solders the pins on the pads to the sold pads. iron. The left hand can be loosened, and the remaining feet can be replaced by tin wire. This type of component is also easy to disassemble, as long as both ends of the component are heated simultaneously with the soldering iron, the tin can be removed by gently lifting it after melting the tin.

SMD processing of red glue is a purely consumable material, not a necessary process product. Now with the continuous improvement of surface mount design and process, through-hole reflow soldering and double-sided reflow soldering have been realized. There is a decreasing trend in the placement process of chip-processed patch adhesives.

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