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Evolution process of steel mesh

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 11:32  Read: 4454

The evolution of steel mesh

With the development of SMT, the demand for stencils will increase, and the steel mesh will follow. Affected by the material cost and the difficulty of the production process, the original LED light stencil was made of iron/copper plate, but it was also rust-resistant, and the stainless steel stencil replaced them, which is now the steel mesh.

LED reinforced steel mesh

Etching and electroforming stencils are generally not post-treated. The stencil post-processing described here is mainly for laser stencils. Since the metal slag adheres to the wall and the opening after the laser cutting, the surface is generally polished; of course, the polishing is not only to remove the slag (burr), but also to roughen the surface of the steel sheet. Increase the surface friction to facilitate the rolling of the solder paste to achieve a good tinning effect.

Judging from the development cycle of the industry itself, although China's SMT industry is still in the early stage of development, there has been a prosperous life. Together, SMT industry is an important underlying industry. It is of great significance to promote the structural adjustment of China's electronic information industry manufacturing industry and industrial promotion. Promote the rapid and healthy development of China's SMT industry and the collaboration of all upstream and downstream industries.

For the company, we also recommend a few things.

The first is to change the concept and fully understand the importance of production skills for SMT equipment development. As long as you thoroughly understand the skill flow of the production and understand the adjustments of the skill and skill parameters in the actual production, you can actually plan the SMT equipment that meets the requirements for the production.

The second is to strengthen the sale of services, research and development of new models suitable for the needs of Chinese companies, such as the medium and low-speed high-precision multi-functional placement machine products that are urgently needed in domestic shopping malls.

The third is to use the training certification to form a new model for equipment malls.

The fourth is to adapt to the trend of lead-free, break the key skills and complete the serialization of key equipment products.

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