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What are the factors that lead to the shortage of solder paste in SMT steel mesh

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 14:33  Read: 4290

SMT stencil is not an ordinary stencil, but a mold specially used for SMT process. SMT process refers to the installation of leadless or short lead surface mount components on the surface of printed circuit boards or other substrates. On the surface assembly technology of soldering assembled by reflow soldering or dip soldering.

1. The solder paste that has not been used up has expired and is used twice.

2. The solder paste scraper is damaged and the stencil is damaged.

3. The equipment parameters such as pressure, angle, speed and demoulding speed of the solder paste scraper are not suitable.

4, the quality of the board, there are inconspicuous coverings on the pad, such as solder resist (green oil) printed on the pad.

5. The fixed clamping of the board in the printer is loose.

6. When the printer is working, it does not make up for the solder paste in time.

7, the quality of solder paste is abnormal, mixed with hard objects such as hard blocks.

8, solder paste missing printed stencil thin and uneven.

9. Solder paste is missing on the stencil or circuit board (such as PCB packaging, stencil wiping paper, foreign matter floating in the ambient air, etc.).

SMT steel mesh, which is a special template for SMT production line, can be divided into laser SMT steel mesh, electropolished SMT steel mesh, electroformed SMT steel mesh, and etched SMT steel mesh according to manufacturing technology. The manufacturing technology of SMT steel mesh is mainly chemical etching, laser cutting and electroforming.

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