Linchuan Precision specializes in the production and development of SMT steel mesh
Focus on improving the pass through rate for SMT Enterprises
Lower production cost
Focus on Improving Direct Pass Rate for SMT Enterprises
Lower production cost
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  • SMT nanowire
SMT nanowire
This SMT steel mesh is suitable for the product with high pass rate or very small pad. Other steel mesh can not be properly tinned. The company's minimum tin mesh is 0.05*0.06mm.
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1.Nano steel mesh adopts new coating technology and materials, which are super durable and have a service life of 100,000 times.

  P WeChat map is used for customer certification and dialogue with customers. Content: Your nano steel mesh has printed 70,000 times for us, but we have printed more than 90,000 times now. The effect of printing solder paste can meet our requirements. 

2. nano-steel mesh and electro-polished stencil printing effect comparison: the better the printing effect, the higher the straight-through rate of the finished product
Nano steel mesh ten times printing BGA clear one to very good

 Electro-polished steel mesh ten times printing BGA occasional short circuit size

3. Using imported stainless steel materials, imported stainless steel grains are thinner than domestic ones, making it easier to obtain high quality mesh.
 Imported material picture under 1000X microscope

 Domestic material under 1000X microscope

4.the steel mesh wall is smooth
500 times magnifying glass, the hole edge is neat and smooth

The roughness of the tested hole wall is 2 microns

5.uniform printing, perfect shape, improve product straight-through rate
 IC foot center distance 0.5mm, uniform printing, no tip

3D detector under the solder paste forming diagram

6. ISO certified enterprises, nano steel mesh after 7 tests, high quality and reliability

Raw material inspection - cutting effect detection - polishing effect detection - nano durability test - composite effect detection - semi-finished product inspection - finished product inspection

Linchuan precision steel mesh testing equipment:


Hundred mirror

Automatic steel mesh burr detection machine
Full-motion mesh detector
Steel mesh composite tension meter
7.Fast delivery

Linchuan Precision Online Polishing Technology, combined with nano steel mesh production line, has a production cycle of 4-8 hours, 12 hours faster than its peers.

8.Linchuan nano steel network not only improves SMT straight through rate, but also creates more value for you

A, saving manpower

B, saving material costs

C, saving time costs

D, saving space costs

E, high customer satisfaction

F, improve your market competitiveness

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Linchuan Precision specializes in the production and development of SMT steel mesh
serving over 3,000 customers in 7 years
producing over 200,000 high-quality steel meshes.
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