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How to reduce burrs in laser cutting

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 11:13  Read: 4166

1. First check if there is any problem with the laser output. Is the spotted light very round (the round indicates that the lateral distribution of laser energy is uniform and the cutting quality is good)

2. Check whether the lens in the laser transmission process is dirty, or whether the lens is dirty, and whether the lens has small cracks that are not easily visible to the naked eye, which will affect the transmission of the laser.

3. After that, the adjustment of the process parameters. If the burr produced by laser cutting of stainless steel has a certain hardness, it is difficult to remove, which is very time consuming and affects the appearance.

Metal laser cutting machine processing is a sophisticated machine. Operation is also a fine work. Often a data error will cause its work to run abnormally. Therefore, it must be rigorously refined in operation to reduce and avoid errors.

At present, the most commonly used industrial processing is CO2 laser cutting machine and solid-state laser cutting machine. These two cutting machines are relatively environmentally friendly compared to CNC plasma cutting machines and flame cutting machines, because they do not produce a large amount when cutting like a plasma cutting machine. Dust, smoke, and noise, especially CO2 laser cutting machine is used to cut leather, acrylic, paper, wood and other materials, so it is generally not harmful to the human body, compared to other cutting machines. Words are still safer. However, when the laser cutting machine cuts, especially the solid laser cutting machine cuts the metal material, it produces light. Although it is not strong, since the operator who contacts the laser cutting machine prefers to stare at the cutting head, the cutting head is viewed for a long time, or When the laser brightness is too high, the spark that is generated will irritate the eyes, causing temporary blindness in the eyes, or burning the eyes and the like to cause damage to the eyes. If you protect your eyes with a protective cover or something that protects your eyes.

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