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Several questions need to be understood in the design board diagram in SMT chip processing

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2018-11-05 17:11  Read: 3873

First: Create a package that is not in the package library. Before designing the PCB board diagram, if a component in the bitter schematic diagram cannot find the package model in the package library, you need to use the component package model editor to create a new one, and ensure that the package model of the used components is in the package library ( Can be a plurality of library files) is complete, in order to ensure the smooth design of the PCB.

Second: set the PCB board design parameters. Set the number, size, color, etc. of the PCB board according to the needs of the circuit system design.

Third: Load the network table. Load the netlist generated by the schematic and automatically load the component package model into the PCB design window.

Fourth: layout. The combination of automatic layout and manual layout can be used to place the component package model in the proper position within the PCB planning scope, that is, the component layout is neat, beautiful, and convenient for wiring.

Fifth: wiring. Set the wiring design rules and start automatic routing. If the wiring is not completely successful, you can make manual adjustments.

Sixth: Design rule check. Design and check the designed PCB board (check whether the components overlap, whether the network is short-circuited, etc.), if there is an error, modify it according to the error report.

Seventh: PCB board simulation analysis. The simulation analysis of the signal processing of the PCB board mainly analyzes the influence of the layout and wiring on each parameter, so as to improve and perfect.

Eighth: Save the output. The designed PCB board diagram can save, layer print, and output PCB design files.

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