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Smt laser template instead of etching template is an inevitable trend

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2018-08-17 13:47  Read: 4386

       After many studies, the smt quality is 70% related to the printing of solder paste and red glue. The smt template is the key tool in the whole printing process, which directly affects the printing quality. Therefore, the quality of the template directly affects the quality of the entire smt process. However, with the rapid development of smt technology, the spacing of electronic products is getting smaller and smaller, the quality requirements are getting higher and higher, and the product replacement is getting faster and faster, so it is more and more important to provide fast and high-quality smt printing templates. In this situation, laser cutting templates that guarantee precision are especially important. Chemically etched stencils are no longer able to meet the precision requirements of small components and precision BGA or QFN, etc., and chemically etched stencil small components are difficult to release, and positional accuracy is difficult to guarantee. Laser cutting template can guarantee these two points well, so laser cutting template has become an inevitable trend instead of etching process template.

       Because the laser cutting template is processed directly by the GERBER file generated by the pcb design file, it not only eliminates the complicated operation steps such as development exposure for corrosion, but also avoids the possibility of positioning (manual positioning) error brought by it. Sex. The positioning accuracy of the laser cutting machine greatly improves the accuracy of the laser template, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the solder paste printing position, shortening the production cycle, and reducing defects such as displacement, bridge, and resistance tombstone. Chemical corrosion Due to side corrosion, the opening of the small-pitch element is small in size and large in size, which is not conducive to the release of solder paste. This results in less tin, tin beads, tin chips and potential template blockage. And the chemically etched template hole wall is rough and not easy to be tinned. The shape of the laser cutting opening is inverted and conical, which is beneficial to the release of solder paste. Another laser-cut opening naturally forms a tiny protective lip between the upper and lower surfaces, and the lower surface protects the lip from penetration of the solder paste outside the opening, reducing the number of bridges, tin beads, and wiping the screen. The upper and lower surface protection lip is beneficial to enhance the strength of the template opening, the opening is not easily deformed, and the service life of the template is increased. And after the laser cutting template is polished, the hole wall is smooth and burr-free, which helps the tin to be able to get a good effect in the smt process printing.

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