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Template importance to SMT process

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2018-08-17 11:30  Read: 4111

As the chip components 0603, 0302 and fine-pitch, ultra-fine-pitch, BGA, PGA and other components are used more and more widely, the etching of the printing template, the solder paste is difficult to release, the position is difficult to guarantee, but the laser cutting The template provides a strong guarantee for the quality of the solder paste. In the past, the template used for corrosion was required to scrub each template during the printing process. After the furnace was returned, the product repair rate was high and the product quality was difficult to guarantee. After the laser template was used, it was only necessary to scrub once after several times of printing. After the reflow furnace, the product was not tinned. , tin broken, no bridge, no less tin, basically no repair products, the quality has increased significantly, saving manpower and material resources, improving product quality.

Common quality defects in surface assembly include: less tin, polytin, tin, bridge, tin beads, tin chips, tombstones, component shifts, etc. The generation of these defects is directly related to the printed template. If the thickness of the template is not properly selected or the tension of the sheet is not tight, it will bring about the release of solder paste, resulting in defects such as less tin and tin. The size of the template opening is too small, and the shape of the opening is not good, which will affect the release of solder paste. It causes defects such as less tin, tin, tin, tin, etc.; the position error of the template opening is too large, the shape of the opening is not good, and the improper opening size may cause defects such as bridging, component displacement, and resistance tombstone. In short, the quality problems of SMT printing templates may bring quality problems to the entire SMT process, resulting in poor pipelines, increased post-processing workload, difficult quality assurance, substantial input of material and manpower, and normal production of SMT. The extremely unfavorable influence has increased the difficulty of management and even caused confusion in the operation of the whole factory. It can be seen that the importance of the printing template to the SMT process. The purchasing department should carefully engage in the procurement of the template, pay attention to quality, and choose well. The supplier makes SMT production work properly and reduces sequelae.

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