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Unveil SMT nano-steel mesh, a new generation of steel mesh coating technology for the first time!

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 10:22  Read: 5763

  Nano coating is the next generation of steel mesh coating technology developed to meet the growing demand of electronic assembly industry and the refinement of electronic components. Nano steel mesh can improve the hardness of steel sheet by 10% - 30% by changing the crystal structure on the non printing surface of ordinary electropolishing steel mesh and attaching a layer of metal coating of about 500-1000 nm (that is, the hardness reaches 400-450hv), and the nano coating has superhydrophobic property, and has self-cleaning function, so as to reduce the residue of solder paste on the back and reduce the wiping frequency, which can be increased from the original 3-5 pieces to 20-60 pieces once. Mobile phones and other high-precision products can be wiped 6-15 times without affecting the printing effect.

  1、 What is SMT nano steel mesh

  Nano steel mesh, also known as nano coated steel mesh. It refers to that on the basis of the original laser electropolishing, a layer of super smooth material is plated on the bottom and the hole wall in a special way. This material is known to have the lowest surface friction coefficient in nature, which makes the surface of the steel mesh hole wall extremely smooth, thus making the steel mesh take off the mold performance in the printing solder paste unprecedented change.

  Application of nano coating in SMT steel net

  Using nano templates, you can effectively:

  1. Enhance solder paste demoulding to make solder paste molding effect better

  2. Reduce defects (bridging, insufficient tin, solder ball)

  3. Reduce wiping frequency, save wiping paper and solvent, and improve production capacity.

  4. Improve one-time through rate and reduce cost..

  Precautions when using nano steel mesh:

  1. Nano coating is afraid of strong acid, high temperature and strong friction;

  2. A layer of nano coating is attached to the surface and the hole wall of the steel mesh PCB, with a thickness of about 20-70nm, which does not change the roughness of the hole wall, but changes the surface tension

  3. The nano coating is easy to be damaged by mechanical force, and the nano coating is easy to disappear by forced friction. It is recommended to use an automatic cleaning machine or spray solvent on the non-woven fabric to gently wipe the surface of the steel sheet.

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