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How to realize the complete process of water-based cleaning steel mesh?

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 10:27  Read: 4213

Steel mesh cleaning, from manual cleaning to solvent-based automatic cleaning with pneumatic sprayer, to today's water-based cleaning agent with special cleaning equipment to achieve water-based cleaning methods, has become an industry efficient, environmentally friendly, safe application direction and development . This application is more in line with the needs of manufacturers in this area of cleaning and social environment, environmental protection and sustainable scientific development, to ensure that in the case of production technology indicators, to a safer, more humane way of working.

With the increasing application of water-based cleaning technology, stencil cleaning is the choice and application of cleaning methods in many manufacturers. Some manufacturers are still using the original pneumatic sprayer with water-based cleaning agent. Steel mesh cleaning method, but the water-based cleaning process can not achieve a truly complete and effective process, because the characteristics of water-based cleaning agent and solvent cleaning agent are different, water-based cleaning agent is not easy to dry, or even long Some water-based detergent ingredients can't be done at the time.

The original pneumatic spray cleaning machine, when using solvent for cleaning, can quickly volatilize because of the characteristics of the solvent, so that the steel mesh can be quickly dried after cleaning; when using water-based cleaning agent, using traditional steel After the cleaning of the net cleaning machine, there are two possible disadvantages or defects in the steel mesh: First, the water-based cleaning agent of the steel mesh has not been completely removed, and the stretched rubber will be eroded for a long time, which will easily cause collapse. Glue and affect the tension of the steel mesh. Second, it is necessary to remove the water-based cleaning agent on the steel mesh, and the manual or manual rinsing method is often used to bring trouble and trouble to the operator. Therefore, how to use water-based cleaning agents to achieve a complete water-based cleaning process has become a point of confusion and entanglement for many manufacturers in this choice.

The water-based cleaning agent is matched with the water-based stencil cleaning machine, which can realize the automatic cleaning, rinsing and drying of the steel mesh without manual assistance, thus realizing the water-based complete cleaning process. Not only can the slag residue be cleaned, but also the consumption of water-based cleaning agent can be controlled during operation, the cleaning cost can be reduced, and only the liquid-carrying loss from the cleaning tank to the rinsing tank stencil itself is consumed, and the water is consumed. The base cleaning agent can be used repeatedly, which greatly saves the amount of cleaning agent used. This configuration of the cleaning and rinsing operation of the same cavity of the original cleaning machine is avoided, because the cleaning agent itself causes the cleaning agent to be contaminated and diluted by the rinsing water in both directions. It not only reduces the service life of the cleaning agent (causing the number of cleaning times is reduced, the cleaning power is reduced), but also easily causes the pollution of the rinsing water to increase the difficulty of rinsing cleanliness.

Only by truly maintaining the performance of the water-based cleaning agent, thoroughly and completely cleaning the residue of the steel mesh, and reducing the pollution and consumption of the water-based cleaning agent to the rinsing water, can truly improve the efficiency, reduce the cost and realize the water-based complete cleaning process.

If it is not rinsed, it is dried directly. Then, in principle, the stencil can not be dried. Only after rinsing with water, the residual water of the cleaning agent is replaced from the stencil, and then dried, so that the drying only removes the residual water on the stencil, instead of cleaning. In order to truly realize that the stencil is a clean and dry cleaning stencil.

Although the ultrasonic spray integrated machine is higher than the pure pneumatic sprayer in the one-time input, with the use of materials, the customer will not exceed the investment in the initial part of the year. Recovering, and in the continued use, will reduce the operating cost of pneumatic spray water-based cleaning by 30% to 60%. In the long-term use, the cost will be much lower than the water-based cleaning mode of the pneumatic spray cleaner.

The water-based complete process can be realized by means of washing, rinsing and drying completely separated, so that the clean and dry cleaning of the steel mesh can be realized, and at the same time, the minimum operating cost can be realized.

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