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What are the two main factors affecting the price of SMT steel mesh

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The steel mesh can't be tinned. The steel mesh can't be tinned. It may be a problem with the steel mesh itself. It may also be a defect of the process. Before this issue was communicated with the customer, in summary, it is considered that there are several reasons for this, for your reference only:

1. The wall of the opening of the LED steel mesh is not smooth. In the case of SMT laser steel mesh, it is recommended to perform electropolishing.

2. If it is an automatic printing machine to consider whether the amount of alcohol spray is too large, wipe the steel mesh paper is wet; whether it is better to clean the steel mesh every time.

3. The pressure of the scraper during printing and the speed of demolding.

4. The solder paste is dry or too viscous. You can try a little bit of solder paste.

5. Is the thimble evenly placed?

The quality of SMT steel mesh is good or bad, and the price is naturally high or low. The following SMT steel mesh manufacturers introduce some basics of SMT steel mesh: two major factors affecting the price of SMT steel mesh.

Whether it is road fence network, railway fence network, culture fence network, stadium fence network, etc., their price is determined by the weight and its own processing technology. The weight reflects the quality of the materials used, good SMT steel mesh The wire should be thick, the number of roots should be large, the pipe or angle iron should be thick and wide, so the finished SMT steel mesh should be heavier.

In addition, the quality of the plastic powder of SMT steel mesh manufacturers also determines the price of the fence mesh. Good plastic powder can make the life of SMT steel mesh longer, and the price of raw materials purchased is naturally higher. The processed SMT steel The surface of the net is fine and smooth, no matter the appearance or quality is higher than the second-class plastic powder; the processing technology is mainly the type of fence mesh, different processing techniques have created different SMT steel mesh, which has formed different prices. There are also different processing techniques in the same SMT steel mesh, which mainly refers to the choice of surface treatment. The surface treatment is divided into: surface cold galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, spray coating, dip-coating, etc. The prices are not the same, this can not be simply a quality overview, mainly the choice of the process is different.

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