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What are the main factors affecting the installation of steel grid structures?

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 14:37  Read: 4088

In the future, after the completion of the steel grid installation, we must carry out inspection work to ensure that all parts of the steel grid frame meet the requirements of the construction. If the construction personnel find problems during the inspection process, they should promptly adopt corresponding countermeasures. Carry out relevant handling to ensure that the stability of the steel grid structure is not affected.

1. In the process of steel grid installation construction, the selection of steel is very important. The quality of steel must meet the requirements of engineering construction. If there is no factory certificate in steel equipment, the construction personnel have no doubt about the steel. At the time of quality, the relevant operators must conduct all-round inspection of the steel in accordance with the relevant national rules. After being proved, the talents can be put into the construction.

2. In the time of steel grid production and installation, the construction personnel shall also plan the construction arrangement and construction plan according to the relevant standards of China's grid structure engineering quality inspection, and carefully perform in the process of the installation to ensure the grid. Structural stability.

3. The welding operation of the steel grid structure is the core content of the steel grid structure installation project. Therefore, when welding it, we must impose strict requirements on the welding place and the welding method. For example, in the welding operation, we should try to select the factory. Conducted in the prefabricated assembly plant to build the amount of work on site. In the process of welding, the requirements for welding personnel are also very strict. It is necessary to require the welding personnel to have professional knowledge and to carry out welding according to a reasonable construction sequence.

4. When planning the installation method of the grid, we should not only carry out the installation according to the stress state of the grid structure and its own structural characteristics, but also meet the requirements of the construction, so as to ensure the quality of the construction. And the progress of construction.

Nowadays, the SMT stencil processing frame structure has been widely used in construction engineering. It not only improves the stability and strength of the building structure, but also prolongs the service life of the building structure. However, in the long-term application process, we found that the steel grid structure is relatively poor in fire resistance and corrosion resistance.

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