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How to Reduce the Bad Printing of SMT and Save the Cost of Consumables

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Lin Chuan's definition of nano steel mesh

Nano-steel mesh is to change the crystal phase structure on the non-printing surface of ordinary electropolished steel mesh by special method, and attach a layer of metal coating of about 500-1000 nm to increase the hardness of steel sheet by 10%~30%. (ie hardness reaches 400~450HV), and the nano-coating is super-hydrophobic and has self-cleaning function, which reduces the residual of solder paste on the back side and reduces the wiping frequency. It can be improved from the original 3-5 pieces to 20 times. -60 pieces are wiped once, and the number of times of high-precision products such as mobile phones is 6-15, without affecting the printing effect.

Nano high precision steel mesh advantages

1) Nanotechnology treatment on the surface of the laser steel mesh inherits the advantages of the opening size of the laser steel mesh and the high precision of the opening position;

2) After nanotechnology treatment, the physical crystal phase structure of the material changes, the strength, hardness and toughness are greatly improved, and the service life is greatly extended;

3) The nano-treated back surface forms a “superhydrophobic surface”, which makes the back of the steel mesh have a self-cleaning function, which greatly reduces the wiping frequency of the steel mesh and improves the production capacity;

4) Reduce the rate of non-performing (less tin, solder balls, bridges, etc.)

5) Increase the pass rate

6) Reduce costs


Nanotechnology micro-ion high-precision steel mesh truly meets the national low-energy, high-efficiency, green and environmentally friendly industrial policies, meeting the industry's high, precise and fine development direction.



Nano-coated mask process:

Contract review - PMC ordering - document processing - laser cutting - electrolytic polishing - nano pretreatment - nano loading - quality inspection - paste - quality inspection - packaging - shipping

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