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What is double process steel mesh?

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 14:07  Read: 5239

Many people may not know this process and ask: What is a dual-process steel mesh? How did the double-process steel mesh come from? What was it made of? Is it also laser cut? What are the benefits of this approach? Why are you so troublesome? Let's analyze it one by one:

Double process steel mesh

1. Under what circumstances do you need to use a double-process steel mesh?

When the same side of the same circuit board needs to brush both solder paste and red glue, we need to use our dual-process steel mesh. Why is it necessary to brush both solder paste and red glue on a circuit board? This is not something we can think of.........but it certainly has its benefits or convenience, otherwise there will be no one who wants to use the double-process steel mesh!

Second, what kind of process is the double process?

The so-called double process is to brush the red glue after brushing the solder paste on the circuit board. Because it is on the same side of the same board, if you use red glue directly on the circuit board that has been brushed with solder paste, the original solder paste will be destroyed! So this requires two steel meshes, one for solder paste and one for red glue.

The solder paste steel mesh mentioned here is no different from the normal laser steel mesh. It is better to open the pad holes at the corresponding component positions. As for the red glue process on this circuit board, don't worry about it, because we still need to open a red plastic net. But this red plastic net needs special treatment. As mentioned before, the solder paste has been brushed on the circuit board. Now it is necessary to brush the red glue. It is necessary to ensure that the red glue can be printed normally without damaging the solder paste. Therefore, this red rubber steel mesh This process is needed. When engraving this red plastic mesh, the opening can be opened normally according to the red plastic process, but on the reverse side, half etching is required. That is, the position of the solder paste is half-etched (that is, the groove is left, the height is the same as the component after the solder paste is finished), so that the steel sheet does not touch the original solder paste when the red glue is applied.

Third, how to achieve a double-process steel mesh?

It is actually easier said than done. Because this requirement for etching precision is very high, there is a slight error, and it is very likely that your entire board will be scrapped. Therefore, the general laser steel mesh manufacturers (only laser steel mesh) can not do double-process steel mesh. But we Huijunda can do it, because our company also has etching business and etching production line, there are professional etchers.

First, the choice of steel sheet thickness. It is required to use the double-process steel mesh. Firstly, the requirements of the circuit board for the steel mesh are very high. Different components and different thicknesses of steel sheets are required to ensure no problem. The only way to achieve this is the stepped steel mesh. Laser stencils cannot achieve this because the thickness of the smt laser stencil steel sheet is single and cannot be changed with the required thickness of the component. In addition, the thickness of the red rubber steel mesh sheet must be thicker than the solder paste steel mesh. Otherwise, the half-etched groove is not deep enough, it will destroy the solder paste before the brush, so the red rubber steel mesh must be better than the tin. The thickness of the cream steel mesh is 0.03-0.1MM thick, otherwise the half etching will be engraved, then it is useless! Red glue will leak out!

Fourth, how to achieve the components of this circuit board fixed at the same time?

Some people will ask, the same side of the same board, there is a solder paste and red glue on it, when the components are attached, how to solidify? Is this reflow soldering? Or should it be wave soldering? This is not a problem, or the sentence, there are policies, there are countermeasures. In response to this process, a kind of (welding soldering wave soldering) has been produced, but this effect can be achieved by increasing the cost of the jig.

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