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How to choose the brand of steel mesh cleaner?

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 09:54  Read: 412

The stencil cleaning machine has become an indispensable smt cleaning equipment in industrial production, and it is precisely because of this that it has driven the development of the stencil cleaning machine brand company. The stencil cleaning machine has been extremely popular in industrial applications. How to choose the right and reasonable price for many stencil cleaning equipment manufacturers? Therefore, how to choose the stencil cleaning machine among many brands has become the most concerned issue for manufacturers.

How to choose the domestic stencil cleaning machine brand? The reasonable way to choose the stencil cleaning machine is as follows:

First, the specific requirements when using steel mesh cleaning machine:

1. Cleanliness of cleaning steel/wire mesh, including mode and equipment stability;

2. Whether the stencil cleaning machine uses full pneumatic operation, the German steel mesh cleaning machine does not need electricity, and eliminates safety hazards such as fire.

3. The stencil cleaning machine should have high reliability and should be able to work continuously under the harsh industrial processing environment;

4, the stencil cleaning machine itself should have good maintenance, fault diagnosis and chain function, and the downtime should be short;

5, the operation is simple and convenient, the control key function is clear, can refuse illegal operation, protect the equipment from damage.

Steel mesh cleaning structure

Second, we must pay attention to quality and service

Product quality and service are a non-negligible part of the company in improving its competitiveness. Imagine if the stencil cleaning equipment purchased by a company is relatively inefficient, how can such equipment allow enterprises to produce, how to recover costs, and how to improve economic efficiency? The company that produces such stencil cleaning equipment must not have a reputation. It will be better. The primary factor in the purchase of stencil cleaning machines is that the performance of the equipment should be stable and the quality should be good. At present, many small steel mesh cleaning machine manufacturers have problems with the quality of many products. This requires us to polish our eyes when purchasing, to analyze its structure, to understand whether its mechanical properties are reasonable and reliable, and whether software control is convenient for operation.

Linchuan Precision Steel Mesh Cleaning Machine Factory

Any stencil cleaning equipment will have different degrees of damage during use. In terms of repair after damage, whether the repair is timely and the charge is a second problem to be considered. Therefore, in the purchase is to understand the after-sales service of the enterprise through various channels, such as what is the response mechanism, whether the maintenance charge is reasonable, and so on.

Third, steel mesh cleaning machine company

In fact, buying a stencil cleaning machine is a very simple process, and choosing the stencil cleaning equipment brand is the most critical and needs more investigation. In addition, the price of stencil cleaning machine is also a key factor to consider. Here, Shenzhen Linchuan Precision Xiaobian reminds everyone to seize the opportunity in the process of using, to learn simple stencil cleaning equipment maintenance knowledge, in order to use the stencil cleaning machine.

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