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SMT Steel Net Manufacturer: Do you know what the requirements of SMT Steel Net are?

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 14:01  Read: 4144

1. The main thing is of course the opening of the steel mesh, such as whether there is anti-bridge, whether it is anti-tin beads, whether it is easy to weld. Different PADs have different opening requirements for different parts.

2. The thickness requirement is matched with the opening, generally 0.08mm or 0.1mm. Special thicker can prevent soldering from soldering. Some also rely on the actual parts, PAD to do the ladder steel mesh. Inconsistent thickness.

3. Whether the stencil opening and the bottom plate are exactly matched, whether there are multiple openings, less openings; whether there is a positional offset; whether there is a wrong direction or the like.

4. Whether the individual plates of the steel mesh match the actual boards, such as whether the board has a certain ratio of shrinkage.

5. Whether the opening of the point F is consistent with the board and is easy to identify.

SMT steel mesh

Note when using:

6. Whether the opening is clean, polished, and the measured size meets the design value.

7. Is the net damaged or damaged?

8. Is there any deformation, protrusion, tin deposit or blockage at the opening?

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