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Several Common Methods and Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Net Cleaning

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 10:47  Read: 4496

Several common methods and advantages and disadvantages of stencil cleaning are summarized. With the continuous improvement of China's manufacturing standards, SMT automatic cleaning equipment has been increasingly recognized by enterprises. The use of automated cleaning equipment can minimize the cost of the enterprise. Therefore, most companies will choose SMT stencil cleaning machine instead of labor. working. The appearance of the stencil cleaning machine is also to solve this problem very well, but many people in the market see that the price is not very uniform, why is there a big gap in the price of the red rubber stencil cleaning machine? The following small series will tell you why the price of stencil cleaning machines on the market is different. The following are several common red glue steel mesh ink stencil cleaning methods.

Ultrasonic steel mesh cleaning machine:

Ultrasonic waves propagate in the liquid, causing the liquid to vibrate together with the cleaning tank at the ultrasonic frequency. When the liquid and the cleaning tank vibrate, they have their own natural frequencies. This vibration frequency is the acoustic frequency, so people hear the humming sound. Ultrasonic cleaner power and heater power must have good grounding. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is strictly prohibited to start without cleaning liquid, that is, the cleaning cylinder does not add a certain amount of cleaning liquid, and the ultrasonic switch must not be opened. The cost is low and the efficiency is average. Disadvantages: The steel mesh is easily damaged during the cleaning process.

Low-end configuration stencil cleaning machine:

The so-called low-end configuration of the stencil cleaning machine parts of the material are made of some relatively poor materials, so that the price will definitely have an advantage, but the quality of the product is still difficult to guarantee If the stencil cleaning machine made of this material is difficult to guarantee the quality and cleanliness when cleaning, it may be problematic if it is used less than half a year, and it will be directly brought to the enterprise. Come for a lot of maintenance costs. Therefore, if the company needs to use the smt stencil cleaning machine for cleaning operations for a long time, it is recommended to purchase a high-profile stencil cleaning machine with at least a good quality guarantee.

High configuration steel mesh cleaning machine:

For the high-end configuration of the stencil cleaning machine is the company we have been recommending to everyone. The reason why we choose the high-end configuration of the stencil cleaning machine on one hand can guarantee the cleaning quality of the product, on the other hand, it can maximize the efficiency of the equipment. What's more, today's market is a penny. Even though the price of high-end configuration is high, but it is a long-term perspective, I don't think it will be particularly high. If people only want to save thousands of dollars, it will lead to the late stage. There is no guarantee that the quality of the product will be a bad thing.

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