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Brief description of classification of steel mesh

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 10:45  Read: 4254

Steel mesh classification

According to the manufacturing process of SMT steel mesh, it can be divided into: laser template, electropolishing template, electroforming template, ladder template, bonding template, nickel plating template, etching template.

Laser template (LaserStencil)

Laser steel mesh formwork is currently the most commonly used template in the SMT steel mesh industry. Its characteristics are:

Direct use of data files to reduce the production error;

SMT template opening position accuracy is extremely high: full error ≤ ± 4μm;

The opening of the SMT template has a geometric shape that facilitates the printing of the solder paste.

The following materials are required to make a laser steel mesh:

1, PCB 2, data files

Information must:

PCB: correct version, no deformation, damage, breakage;

Data file: Weixin Steel Network (SMT Template) Processing Group can accept a variety of CAD data formats: GERBER, HPGL, *.JOB, *.PCB, *.GWK, *.CWK, *.PWK, *.DXF, * .PDF; and the following software design data: PAD2000, POWERPCB, GCCAM4. 14, PROTEL, AUTOCADR14 (2000), CLIENT98, CAW350W, V2001.

When the data is too large, it should be compressed and transmitted. Any compression format such as *.ZIP, *.ARJ, *.LZH can be used;

The data must contain SMT solder paste layer (containing Fiducial Mark data and PCB shape data), and must also contain character layer data to check the front and back of the data, component categories, and so on.

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