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Analysis of development potential of SMT printing template production technology

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2018-10-30 16:45  Read: 4253

Solder paste and red glue printing in the SMT process were first screen printed, and later replaced by metal (copper, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.) templates. At present, most of the templates are made of stainless steel, and the manufacturing method has undergone three stages of development: chemical etching, electrochemical forming, and laser cutting. Among them, laser cutting templates have become the mainstream of SMT templates with their excellent performance and strong vitality. Currently, 80% of SMT printing templates in the US and Japan use laser cutting technology.

After many years of research by many experts, the quality of SMT is 70% related to the printing of solder paste and red glue (including printing presses, PCB boards, stencils, solder paste, red glue), and the template is the key tool in the printing process. It directly affects the quality of printing, so the quality of the template is directly related to the quality of the entire SMT process. With the rapid development of SMT technology, the component volume has become smaller, the number of leads has increased, the pitch has become denser, the generation of new components, and the rapid development of SMT technology in China over the past few years, the quality requirements of electronic products are getting higher and higher, product updates The ever-changing generation is becoming more and more important, and it is more and more important to provide fast and high-quality SMT printing templates. Under this circumstance, our company has introduced a world-class SMT laser template cutting equipment from LPKF, Germany. The company is ready to provide SMT users at home and abroad with first-class equipment, high-quality staff and excellent service. Fast, high quality laser template.

The LPKF laser formwork cutter is designed by the famous German LPKF company for cutting stainless steel or ceramic sheet materials. Using laser high energy density, monochromatic interference and strong focusing ability to thermally cut the material, and equipped with LPKF's unique data processing software, computer automatic control, its equipment is world-class, easy to operate, high cutting precision, hole The wall roughness value is low.

As we all know, more than 70% of SMT stencil processing quality problems are caused by the printing process. Factors affecting the quality of the solder paste printing process can be divided into internal factors and external factors. Internal factors are: operation, environment, machine, scraper, parameters; external factors are: solder paste, PCB, template. Internal factors can be thoroughly controlled through the technical training and management of employees within the SMT factory; external factors, such as the quality of the PCB (such as the location and size of the pads, surface oxidation, materials, etc.) can be strictly controlled by suppliers. Control; solder paste can be used in various factories to select several different solder pastes, process test, set reasonable process parameters, and strictly control, and finally select a best performance solder paste, the problem is solved. However, SMT printing templates involve many factors, such as processing methods, materials used, netting methods, and materials for screens. The quality results of printed solder paste and red glue may be quite different. It can be said that printing The quality of the template is the key to ensuring the quality of the SMT process and is essential for improving product quality.

Common quality defects in surface assembly include: less tin, polytin, tin, bridge, tin beads, tin chips, tombstones, component shifts, etc. The generation of these defects is directly related to the printed template. If the thickness of the template is not properly selected or the tension of the sheet is not tight, it will bring about the release of solder paste, resulting in defects such as less tin and tin. The size of the template opening is too small, and the shape of the opening is not good, which will affect the release of solder paste. It causes defects such as less tin, tin, tin, tin, etc.; the position error of the template opening is too large, the shape of the opening is not good, and the improper opening size may cause defects such as bridging, component displacement, and resistance tombstone. In short, the quality problems of SMT printing templates may bring quality problems to the entire SMT process, resulting in poor pipelines, increased post-processing workload, difficult quality assurance, substantial input of material and manpower, and normal production of SMT. The extremely unfavorable influence has increased the difficulty of management and even caused confusion in the operation of the whole factory. It can be seen that the importance of the printing template to the SMT process. The purchasing department should carefully engage in the procurement of the template, pay attention to quality, and choose well. The supplier makes SMT production work properly and reduces sequelae.

In addition, a slight protective lip is naturally formed between the upper and lower surfaces of the laser-cut opening. The lower surface protection lip prevents the solder paste from penetrating outside the opening, reducing the number of bridging, tin beads, and scrubbing of the template; the upper and lower surface protecting lip is beneficial to enhance the strength of the opening of the template, the opening is not easily deformed, and the service life of the template is increased.

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