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How should SMT stencil be cleaned?

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2018-10-31 17:05  Read: 4227

SMT stencil cleaners are necessary to be useful, useful, and safe for people and the environment. Together, it is necessary to remove the solder paste (glue) from the SMT steel mesh. There is now a special SMT stencil cleaner, but it may make the SMT stencil elute and should be used steadily. If there is no special requirement, alcohol or deionized water can be used instead of SMT stencil special cleaning agent.

SMT steel mesh should be cleaned before, during and after use:

Wipe before use;

During the application process, the bottom of the SMT steel mesh should also be scrubbed regularly to ensure smooth release of the SMT steel mesh; after use, the SMT steel mesh should be cleaned in time so that the same good release action can be obtained next time. SMT stencil cleaning methods usually have scrubbing and ultrasonic cleaning:


Scrub the SMT stencil with a lint-free cloth (or special SMT stencil scrub) that has been pre-soaked with a cleaning agent to remove the cured solder paste or glue.

Features: convenient, not subject to time constraints, low cost;

Disadvantages: Can not thoroughly clean SMT steel mesh, especially the dense distance SMT steel mesh.

Some presses have an active scrubbing function, which can be set to print a few times and then actively scrub the bottom of the SMT stencil. This process also uses a special SMT stencil to scrub the paper, and the machine will spray the cleaning agent on the paper before the action.

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