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Do you know the importance and tension of SMT steel mesh cleaning

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 14:17  Read: 4530

SMT steel mesh and laser steel mesh are actually important molds for the electronics industry. The components on the board can be automatically soldered by wave soldering, making industrial production faster and more accurate. Improve production speed and product quality. SMT steel mesh and laser steel mesh as production molds will inevitably need to be reused many times to save the cost of the enterprise and make the enterprise more competitive. The frequency and effect of cleaning the SMT stencil directly affects the service life of the SMT stencil and the production quality of the printed circuit board. Because of the excessive accumulation of used solder paste or dirt on the steel mesh, it is impossible to guarantee the welding effect of the production. Therefore, SMT stencil and laser stencil must be cleaned frequently and in high quality.

In many customers or suppliers, the tension between SMT stencil and laser stencil is mentioned. Here we introduce the tension: when the supplier makes it, it has a small relationship with the size of the stencil. The key lies in Stretched steel mesh is good or bad, and there is a long time to use and the value of the tension will become smaller. When the tension is not enough: we need to re-attach the mesh around the stencil. The implementation of this method is very difficult and generally difficult to achieve. The best option for this situation is to return the SMT stencil and laser stencil to the manufacturer for repair or directly scrapped.

The vast majority of the quality of printed circuit boards depends on the quality of the opening of the laser stencil. According to statistics, more than 60% of the quality problems are derived from the quality of SMT steel mesh. The following summarizes some of the requirements for laser steel mesh and SMT stencil openings:

    1. The size of the SMT stencil opening should be precise, clean and polished.

    2. The SMT steel mesh opening should match the bottom plate and the position must be accurate.

    3. There must be no deformation and blockage at the opening.

    4. Be sure to determine the thickness according to actual production needs.

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