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Material Advantage of SMT Laser Steel Mesh and Treatment after Forming

Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-10-08 14:22  Read: 4243

Solder paste and red glue printing in the SMT process were first screen printed, and later replaced by metal (copper, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.) templates. At present, most of the templates are made of stainless steel, and the manufacturing method has undergone three stages of development: chemical etching, electrochemical forming, and laser cutting. Among them, laser cutting templates have become the mainstream of SMT templates with their excellent performance and strong vitality. Currently, 80% of SMT printing templates in the US and Japan use laser cutting technology.

The LPKF laser formwork cutter is designed by the well-known LPKF company in Germany for cutting stainless steel or ceramic sheet materials. Using laser high energy density, monochromatic interference and strong focusing ability to thermally cut the material, and equipped with LPKF's unique data processing software, computer automatic control, its equipment is world-class, easy to operate, high cutting precision, hole The wall roughness value is low.

LPKF laser template cutter is mainly composed of laser system, XY positioning system, XY table, marble base, control system, air pressure system, cooling system and vacuum system. In addition, there are two sets of auxiliary equipments: air conditioning system and dehumidification system. The positioning system uses a precise marble base (counter), and the X and Y axes are supported by air bearings and guided by high-precision marble guides and running on a high level of marble surface.

The X and Y axes are driven by the servo motor to drive the screw. They are all measured by linear light meter and automatically feedback compensated. The stainless steel material is automatically tensioned by pneumatic devices, and the perfect computer and electrical control system ensures the cutting position accuracy, opening size accuracy and shape accuracy. The supporting software has flexible and accurate data processing capabilities. It only needs PCB file or Gerber file to produce, no need to make film, reduce the error link, improve the precision, and flexibly modify the data according to the user's requirements to meet the printing quality requirements and affect the quality of SMT process. Factors: In the surface assembly process, the solder paste or red glue printing process on the PCB is the first step and a very important step.

As we all know, more than 70% of SMT process quality problems are caused by the printing process. Factors affecting the quality of the solder paste printing process can be divided into internal factors and external factors. Internal factors are: operation, environment, machine, scraper, parameters; external factors are: solder paste, PCB, template. Internal factors can be thoroughly controlled through the technical training and management of employees within the SMT stencil factory; external factors, such as the quality of the PCB (such as the location and size of the pads, surface oxidation, materials, etc.) can be completely through the supplier. It is strictly controlled; the solder paste can be processed by various factories using several different solder pastes, and the process parameters are determined, and the reasonable process parameters are set and strictly controlled. Finally, a solder paste with the best performance is selected, and the problem is solved. However, SMT printing templates involve many factors, such as processing methods, materials used, netting methods, and materials for screens. The quality results of printed solder paste and red glue may be quite different. It can be said that printing The quality of the template is the key to ensuring the quality of the SMT process and is essential for improving product quality.

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