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Linchuan Precision is very professional. We are very satisfied with nano-steel mesh-non-stick solder paste steel mesh.

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We are an optoelectronic product research and development company. Because we received a case at that time, we need to make 310,000 holes with a size of 0.05*0.065mm in a 65*115mm square. Our existing suppliers produce three steels. The net did not meet our requirements, there are holes to avoid too rough, there is tin paste blocking holes can not be tin, there are holes of uneven size, there are even tin, in order to solve the problem as soon as possible, we check the information online, when communicating with Lin Chuan Precision I have a strong interest in this. I asked about the size, distance, tolerance requirements of the hole, and the use of stencil printing. After giving the two preliminary solutions, we feel that the analysis is very professional, and the final plan is determined to be used in further communication and communication. Nano non-stick solder paste steel mesh, when the product is received, it feels that the shape of the thick hole of the product is even, and it is qualified to go online after the test, and finally our product is delivered perfectly. In addition to the uniform and smooth hole size, Linchuan Precision's nano-non-stick solder paste steel mesh has the biggest feature of long service life. Our company used a similar steel mesh before, but it will not be long before the nanometer fails. We thought that this kind of steel mesh is so durable, but Lin Chuan Precision has given us different results.

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Nano steel mesh effect picture

Nano steel mesh microporous printing solder paste standard

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Linchuan Precision specializes in the production and development of SMT steel mesh
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