Linchuan Precision specializes in the production and development of SMT steel mesh
Focus on improving the pass through rate for SMT Enterprises
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Focus on Improving Direct Pass Rate for SMT Enterprises
Lower production cost
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The SMT steel network developed by Linchuan Precision saves at least 1 million yuan per year for our company, and the super large steel network in photovoltaic solar industry

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Our company is a photovoltaic company with a large steel mesh. It has always been brought to China by sea from Germany. The Germans are rigorous in doing things and have a long delivery time. In addition, there are many uncertain factors in shipping and customs clearance. It can only be started in a month. This gives us the idea of finding a supplier in China. After looking for a few consultations, there is no following. Only Lin Chuan Precision agrees to evaluate, and through constant communication and confirmation, finally after two months of product launch, although the first The block is not very satisfactory, but we can still meet our basic needs. After 2 or 3 times of running-in, Linchuan Precision can control the delivery time within 10 days. The most surprising thing is that the effect of the tin is better than once. Now The products can already compete with the quality of Germany. If the price of Germany is compared with at least one year, we can save 1 million yuan for our company. Linchuan Precision is our trusted partner, and they use innovation to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
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Linchuan Precision specializes in the production and development of SMT steel mesh
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